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Getting the Correct Length for your Cloak
To get the correct length for your Custom Cloak: Have someone measure you from the base (bottom back) of your neck down to the desired length...such as ankle length, to the floor or mid-calf...in inches! If that's not possible...simply provide your shirt or dress size, height, and where you want your Cloak to hang on you...so a correct length can be estimated for your personal size and height.

Cloak Care and Washing

Since many Cloak Fabrics and Linings have different requirements for Care, it's always recommended that you have your Custom Cloak Dry Cleaned by a cleaning professional. If you must wash your Cloak yourself these fabrics are washable: Crushed Panne Velvet, Silk Essence, Broadcloth, Cotton, Tulle. Most Velvets are Dry Clean only, as well as the Organza, wool and Lace. If you have any questions about the Fabric you choose, just ask...or ask your local dry cleaner. Since cloaks use large amounts of fabrics and are heavy, we recommend storing your cloak flat or folded and NOT kept on hangers or hanging for storage, which can warp your cloak over time.

Making Changes to your Cloak
Although everyone LOVES their new Custom Cloak, after a while you might need or want to make some changes to your Cloak. Cloaks are easily tailorable! You can consider having arm holes added, or lengths adjusted by your local tailor or seamstress when desired. Clasps can easily be changed. Just carefully remove the Clasp and sew on a new one. It's easy, almost like sewing on a button. Remember if you place your Clasp higher your Cloak will be longer, and vise-versa.