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Correct Length
How to choose the Correct Length for your Cloak or Cape.
Often, people make the mistake of ordering cloaks too long. In the past, women generally wore cloaks ankle length and men mid-calf, and both could wear them floor length. Today, men and women can wear them at whatever length is desired.

We often suggest ankle length or mid-calf. That way your cloak does not drag on the ground (unless you are wanting a train or the cloak to drag) creating less wear and tear on fabrics. Mid-calf and ankle length cloaks are easier to keep clean too since they do not drag on the ground.

Cloak or Cape length is from the base (bottom back) of your neck, down to desired length. Length is NOT the same as your height! Another trick to getting the length correct is to take your height in inches (lets say you are 6' tall, that's 72") and subtract 12" for a floor length cloak, or 15" for ankle length and 18" for mid-calf. Easy and accurate!

So.. a 72" tall person when ordering would choose 60-59" for floor length, or 57-56" for ankle length, and 54-53" for mid calf length. The 12-15-18" rule applies to anyone at any height usually. If you are unsure what length to order..email us and ask! We're pretty good at getting lengths correct since we make cloaks for so many different people! Do be aware that lengths can vary by a couple of inches especially when dealing with stretchy fabrics like panne or lycra. Email us with any questions or concerns prior to ordering.
Email us at: CustomerSupport@CustomCloaks.com