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Fabric Colors

It simply isn't possible to show ALL the color choices available, for a few reasons.

Keep in mind too that it's still not possible really to get "true color" via the internet. What looks like a Royal Blue on a Mac or apple can look Navy Blue on an pc or android. Everyone's monitors and internet connections are so different!

Also there is limited website space, so there's just not room to show all the available colors... or there wouldn't be room to show the cloaks! Colors are pretty much common sense. For Example, Olive is light green, Green is Green, Hunter is a dark green, and Fir is an even darker green with a hint of blue to the shade, like a dark blue spruce or "fir" christmas tree.

Swatches are not offered for a few reasons. The first being that fabric is just too expensive to cut up and ship! Also, with the way the Cloaks are made, there's no waste to the fabric so there's none left to send as swatches. Each Cloak is Custom made for each order, and fabric are often special orderd too. The Cloaks and Capes are not pre-made. Some fabrics and colors are also simply Seasonal and only available at certain times of the year.

Do email anytime with any questions if you are in search of a specific color, or adamant about an exact color match. Do be aware that with certain fabrics you might see the inside color, email and ask BEFORE ORDERING! For example with a black and white broadcloth reversible, the white might look grey because you often can see the black slightly through the white.

A few of our Broadcloth Colors
Matte Bridal Satin


SOME Panne Velvet Colors
Polar Fleece
Dress Velvet