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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions before ordering? Our frequently Asked Questions and our policies are below. Check here first!
Q What forms of Payment do you accept?
A Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card through the very secure shopping cart. Card is billed as "Billing@CustomCloaks.com" PAYPAL is also accepted. Personal Checks are not accepted. If you wish to pay using other methods, email and ask.

Q Can I Order by Phone?
A Phones are reserved for Wholesale Orders and Verifications only. The Shopping cart is Secure and all information remains private.

Q How much is Shipping & Handling?
A S&H is FREE to US statewide addresses, with Delivery Confirmation and/or Tracking. For Military Addresses or Outside the US Shipping, see the worldwide shipping question below. We DO offer RUSH options, and also EMS for outside the US. PLEASE email us BEFORE you order. We ship via USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation. We will NOT be responsible for any lost or stolen packages once it leaves here. No exceptions for APTS or Army/APO addresses.

Q Will I be able to return my Cloak if I change my mind? What if you are out of stock on my color or clasp?
A Since so many personal choices are available for your Custom Cloak, and communicating before ordering is easy, NO Refunds, Exchanges, or post shipping Alterations are provided. NO EXCEPTIONS. Materials (fabrics) are cut and your Cloak is created CUSTOM MADE for each person ordering. Personal Choices for a Custom Cloak often, can not be re-sold to someone else. If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email BEFORE YOU ORDER. If you order without asking questions and we are out of stock on any fabric or clasp, we will try and contact you. If you do not reply we will select the nearest color and clasp FOR you with no refunds or returns allowed. We do our best to look over fabrics before making our cloaks, however normal fabric flaws can occur and we will not be responsible. Each cloak is unique and handmade to order.

We can NOT cancel Orders once placed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Real Time secure processing is used for CCard payments. Fabric is ordered or cut immediately following approval, so ASK before you ORDER. Communicating with us is easy prior to ordering if you are concerned about anything! We WANT you to be happy with your delivered garment. ASK ASK ASK before you order! This applies to "ready to ship" cloaks also, no refunds or exchanges.

Q I have an Idea for a Cloak and in a material that's not listed. Can you make it?
A It might be possible! Click here to email and ask!

Q Do you ship worldwide?
A Yes, but..

1) Email and ask first! Shipping charges will need to be included in your total cost, and you agree to pay actual s/h costs for your Cloak(s). Costs vary depending on your choice of fabrics and length, but usually around $45.

2) By ordering, you agree to be responsible for any additional VAT taxes, Import fees, Custom fees, luxury taxes, etc.. that MAY be required by your Country upon delivery. Check with your Postal service and/or appropriate Government agency.

3) Shiping to APO or addresses ourside the US is at your own risk. Often, no tracking is available to APO's. We ship Global Priority (EMS). By ordering, you agree to be responsible for any losses or damages.

Q I just ordered a Cloak, how long will it take to receive it?
A Time varies! Fabric Availability, Time of Year, and Prior Orders pending, can all effect Cloak making/shipping time.

Cloaks do take time to make. Each Cloak is Handmade, and made in turn from the date ordered. If you need your Cloak by a certain Date, please ask before ordering. Often a realistic deadline can be made. Otherwise please allow plenty of time to make and ship your Custom Cloak.

Q 1) Do you make cloaks for Children> and 2) I have other questions, can you help?
A 1) We do Not offer Children's Cloaks for a few reasons! The first being that we don't feel that a Cloak is a safe garment for a child. For ethics...we simply choose not to offer or make them. Cloaks patterns, even for children...require large amounts of fabric which can often be too bulky even for older or larger sized children. Often the fabric must meet Federal and State requirements for Child wear, in regards to fire resistance and safety laws. Most Children's Cloaks that you see on the market are made using vinyl or untreated cotton, and are not safe. Closures such as buttons, clasps, or even ties... can easily be a choking or some kind of a hazard to any child. It's also never a good idea to leave a Child unatttended in a Cloak or Cape if you must have them in one. IF you ARE adamant about having your Child in a Cloak...PLEASE be aware!! Make sure that you search for ones that use smaller amounts of fabric that meet all safety requirements, and perhaps have a velcro closure. Good luck on your search, and sorry that we could not assist anyone any further regarding Cloaks and Capes for Children. 2) email and ask! Click here to email