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PVC Vinyl Cloak
What is PVC?

PVC is one of the hottest new fabrics on the market. It is stunning, slightly stretchy, and has a hi-gloss waterproof finish. Its ultramodern look has graced the big screen in hit films such as The Matrix. It is a favorite of the gothic and rave club scenes, and has become the latest fashion in contemporary interior design and fashon.

Today, designers use this unique fabric for everything from outerwear to intimate apparel, from accessories to home decorating. Custom Cloaks is now offering this remarkable fabric to their customers! Originally named for it’s chemical makeup, Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) has come to be called “Patent Vinyl Cloth” by the garment industry to differentiate it from the PVC pipe used in household plumbing. !

On the fabric right side, is the PVC’s slick, Polyurethane surface, but with some flexibility. On the inside, the soft Poly/lycra knit backing provides a comfortable, touchable, no-hem (you can trim to fit) self-lining (colors vary).  Its still somewhat heavy to wear, and thick but much nicer than traditional vinyl.

Choose your desired Color, Length and Clasp!  PVC is a SEASONAL fabric. Email BEFORE ORDERING for availability.